The Moxie School®

Offering revolutionary and transformative methods of journeying within using psychedelic assisted therapy.

The Moxie School is dedicated to the therapy in Psychedelic therapy. By providing clear, concise teachings and protocol for doing the therapeutic work of integration and wholeness, our programs fully support the journey of exploring one’s inner landscape.

The Moxie School is for therapists and psychedelic explorers who desire to be confident and competent in Psychedelic assisted therapy. Our specific protocol exponentiates the utility of psychedelic medicine, allowing practitioners to confidently explore and guide others through a process of integration and embodiment.

Ultimately, we exist to provide tangible methods for doing the therapeutic work – with the goal of activating vibrant and energetically bold lives from within ourselves and with those we assist.

About Heather Smith

Certified IFS Therapist & Approved IFS Consultant

Heather Smith is a Certified IFS Therapist (Internal Family Systems therapy) and an Approved IFS Clinical Consultant. At her private practice, Insight Counseling of Alexandria, LLC, she utilizes parts work to support clients who are primarily healing troubling life patterns as a result of complex childhood trauma.

Heather started The Moxie School® in January 2022 where she offers workshops, courses, and mentorship for therapists, coaches, and guides who want to hone their expertise in IFS and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Allotting her time to both psychotherapy and teaching has been a beautiful balance for her professionally.

Developing her competency to teach and mentor IFS, Heather has completed IFS Levels 1 through 3 training, and has been a Program Assistant for several IFS Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. In addition, Heather has dedicated herself to her own personal therapy as a means to heal her own internal material and to also better support her professional work.

Professional Engagement and Training

Courses Taught at The Moxie School

  • Healing Healers Mentorship Program: Applications of IFS for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Spring 2023
  • Healing Healers Mentorship Program: Applications of IFS for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Fall 2022
  • Approach: IFS Informed Integration, May 2022
  • Journey with IFS: A practical application course for IFS Informed Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, January – March 2022


  • Facilitators Retreat: IFS Informed Facilitation of Expanded States of Consciousness, Winter 2023
  • IFS Netherlands Retreat, Winter 2023

Conference Speaking​

  • IFS Conference Speaker (with Norma Stevens), The Divine Marriage: IFS & Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, October 2021
  • Program Assistant Experience Level 1 Program Assistant, Kay Gardner, Hybrid, Fall 2022 / Spring 2023
  • Level 2 Program Assistant, Osnat Arbel, Portugal, June 2022
  • Level 1 Program Assistant, Kay Gardner, Online, Fall 2021

IFS Level 1, 2, & 3​

  • IFS Level 3 Certificate, Richard Schwartz, Online, February 2022
  • IFS Level 3 Certificate, Pam Krause, Online, February 2021
  • IFS Level 2 Certificate, Frank Andersen, Online, May 2020
  • IFS Level 1 Certificate, Pamela Krause, May 2018 – March 2019

Additional IFS Training Programs & Workshops​

  • Introduction to Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy for IFS Practitioners, Bob Falconer, May 2021
  • Unattached Burdens & Guides: The Further Reaches of IFS, Bob Falconer, Fall 2020
  • IFS Continuity Program: IFS Working with Children and Adolescents, Fall Module 2018
  • IFS Continuity Program: IFS and Depression, Anxiety, and Shame, Spring Module 2018 IFS Online Circle, 2017
  • Dick Schwartz 8th Annual Cape Cod Couples Retreat, September 2016

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Trainings & Conferences​

  • Psychedelic Science Conference, June 17-25, 2023
  • New Advances in Psychotherapy: Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapies & Consciousness, San Diego, March 2022
  • Compass Pathways Therapist Training, Sheppard Pratt Hospital MD, January 2020
  • MAPS Therapist Training, Colorado Cohort, May 2019
  • Sleeping Octopus Assembly on Psychedelics (SOAP) Conference, Pittsburgh PA, 2019
  • Horizon’s Conference, Perspectives on Psychedelics, NYC, October 2018
  • Psychedelics 101 & 102 for Clinicians, New School NYC, April 2018 (now Fluence)

Clinical Supervision Training​

  • Clinical Supervision Training, Virginia Counselors Association, September 2017

Learn to change your outer experience of the world by healing your inner world.

It starts within.

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