Immerse Retreat

Creating Space for Healing
10 weeks online / 7-day Costa Rica Retreat
IFS, Plant Medicine & You

A 10-week online program, with a 7-day retreat in Costa Rica, to develop your personal spaces of connection.

Exploring parts, personal practices, and expanded states of consciousness you will gain significant traction on your personal and professional development as a facilitator of healing.

The Details

Online Zoom Meetings

Mondays 11am -12:30pm EST


Holos – Costa Rica 


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Join our intensive experiential program to apply everything you have learned about IFS Informed Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Together we will go through the entire process of preparation through integration in a community setting.

Created for both the seeker and facilitator, you will benefit from both sides of the experience.

During 6 weeks of preparation you will meet the community you will be traveling with.  Together you will participate in peer parts work, exploring personal core themes. We’ll explore setting intentions and working with invitations. And most importantly, we will explore creating your personal daily practices to ensure you have containers built for integration. 

Daily personal practices create spaces to reconnect to Self, for parts to be held in presence, and for integration to occur on a regular basis. 

Guest teachers will join us to support the tools of Breathwork, Meditation and Mantra as methods for supporting the journey inward; whether in IFS sessions, daily practice, or for navigating expanded states. 

Finally, we will spend time exploring prep-points to guide ourselves inwards as well as facilitator tips and tools for supporting others. 

At the midpoint of our time together we will travel to Costa Rica for a 7-Day Retreat where we will have ample time to explore both IFS Informed Guiding and Journeying. During this retreat you will have several options of plant medicines to safely partake in as the center we will be attending has legal clearance for plant medicine use.

Following the Costa Rica Retreat we will explore the many dimensions of Integration. We will explore what new dimensions to incorporate into your personal daily practices, parts to follow up with for Full Circle Healing, as well as how to implement anything your journey experience may have been prompting you towards.

Schedule of Events

Meets on Mondays from 11-12:30 EST

Each meeting includes large group sessions as well as small-group breakout sessions. 

During the large group we discuss the following topics, supporting the overall journey we are taking together. 

During the small group breakout sessions, you will have the opportunity to share with peers your relationship to the topic discussed in the big group as well as have a chance to do a parts check-in to explore your parts needs and trailheads.

Week 1
Welcome Session 
Program Orientation and Introductions 
Week 2
Personal Practices 
Containers to Connect to Self, Containers for Integration 
Week 3
A tool for all occasions 
Week 4
Hopes, Fears, Expectations, & Core Themes 
What wants to be worked with?
Week 5
Invitations & Intention Setting 
How to Trust, Surrender & Receive
Week 6
Guiding yourself or others in expanded states
Week in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Retreat
Week 7
The Story Matters 
Sharing in Small Groups 
Week 8
Parts Follow-up  
Who’s calling your attention? 
Week 9
New Implementations in Personal Practices 
Integrating what was shown to you 
Week 10
Relationship to yourself and others 
What shifts have you noticed? 

Preparation Sessions

All sessions leading up to the retreat will be in preparation for the journey we will all be embarking upon.  Each session will point you towards parts that want to be personally explored within yourself.  You will have experiential opportunities every session to incorporate parts work, personal practices, and small group processing to support you in a robust preparation for the retreat.

Guided Retreat Sessions

The retreat will offer opportunities for several sessions to include:


Post retreat integration is extremely important to the overall benefit of exploring immersive psychedelic experiences. During the 5 weeks post-retreat we will look at the multiple dimensions of integration and ensure you follow up with the many aspects that may come up for you.  This includes integrating into your personal practices, parts work, as well as activating any new implementations the experience prompted you towards. 

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Early Bird Rate: TBA


Regular Rate: TBA


Tuition includes 10 pre/post sessions, live on Zoom, transportation to/from Quepos to Holos Basecamp, and all room, board, and retreat experiences on-site for 6 nights.

Tuition may be paid in full.  

No scholarships are available for the Immerse Program.


Payment is required to hold your spot in the Immerse Program. Upon acceptance into the program you will receive an invoice to pay within 2 weeks of acceptance.


No refunds will be given for this program, please consider your full ability to afford and commit to the Immerse Program.


This program is not a replacement for personal therapy.  

Personal therapy is highly recommended in conjunction with this program. While we will explore parts and set intentions and do significant integration work together, it is highly recommended that you continue your personal therapy, or begin personal therapy in the event material greater than the capability of this program arises.

We are not held liable for any adverse medical events.  Please consult with your physician to ensure that you are in good health for such activities. Consider any medical contraindications to include heart health and medications.  

A health screening will be offered to you, or you can seek medical clearance from your personal physician. The Moxie Schools holds no medical liability for adverse medical experiences during the duration of this immersive experiential program. 

Upon acceptance to the program you will receive further disclosures and agreements for participation.

Facilitator of Healing Spaces

Heather Smith is a Certified IFS Therapist (Internal Family Systems) and an Approved IFS Clinical Consultant.Heather started The Moxie School® in January 2022 where she offers workshops, courses, and mentorship for therapists, coaches, and guides who want to hone their expertise in IFS and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Allotting her time to both consultation and teaching has been a beautiful balance for her personally and professionally.Developing her competency to teach and mentor IFS, Heather has completed IFS Levels 1 through 3 training, and has been a Program Assistant for several IFS Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. Heather has also completed A-D segments of MAPS Training as well as portions of the Compass Pathway psilocybin training. In addition, Heather has dedicated herself to her own personal therapy as a means to heal her own internal material and to also better support her professional work.

Take the next step!

Upon completion we will contact you to discuss acceptance to the Immerse Program.

It’s important that you have prior experience working in expanded states (via {plant} medicine, breathwork, or meditation) as well as prior experience working with parts as either a client or practitioner of IFS.

If you are not a good fit for this program we can recommend other possibilities that may better support you at this time.

Upon acceptance to this program, we will email you an invoice. Payment will indicate your acceptance into the program and your spot will be confirmed.