Practice Groups

Experientially learn IFS.

Taking the role of facilitator, client or observer, with live coaching to support you every step of the way. 

Practice Groups support the deep experiential learning of IFS.  In this context we apply working with parts to any phase of psychedelic assisted therapy, from prep to integration.

With a live coach to support your learning process you’ll receive supportive guidance to ensure your ability to use the model is top notch.

Practice Groups are reserved for those who have completed at least one of the following:

Practice Groups are made up of 3 participants and a live coach.

Your group will remain intact throughout the entire 6 weeks of meeting.

Please email Heather with specific questions.

Consultation Groups

For therapists, coaches, and guides who integrate traditional modes of therapy and expanded states of consciousness with on-going client caseloads.

Rest into this ultra safe space to unpack your work with clients, explore your own therapist parts and dial into Self-leadership.

Receive the support and community connection you long for in a consultation group specifically intended for your niche area of work.

Process cases from many perspectives: 

Meets once a month for 6 months; 2 hours each meeting. Max group size, 6 participants.

Please email Heather with specific questions.

Individual Consultation Packages

Hone in your attention to a specific area, theme, or system of parts that you want to take a deep dive in.

A set of 6 sessions is intended for intentional focus on an area that you have become aware of, have potentially explored to some degree and are ready to deeply navigate to gain greater clarity, connection, and transformation.

A consultation package of 6 sessions is not intended to replace traditional therapy; if you require on-going weekly therapy please know this is not for that intention.

Please complete this application form to help us discover if this offering is a good fit for you. Upon approval of your request for consultation we will send email approval for you to complete registration. Sessions are 50 minutes each and scheduled at the time of payment.

Create a boutique retreat with Heather and the staff of The Moxie School®. Curate a unique IFS Informed Psychedelic Assisted Therapy workshop or retreat for your specific community and level of experience with IFS and PAT.

Please email Heather for more information.

I had a fantastic IFS retreat week. Heather models IFS continuously and is an engaging teacher. Furthermore she’s simultaneously knowledgeable and fun as a person. I loved how the whole experience was put together.

— Retreat attendee

Learn to change your outer experience of the world by healing your inner world.

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